Congratulations! We are delighted to present our 17 new Eco Forest Therapy guides. They just completed the first Norwegian immersion week of Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute (SNFTI) in collaboration with Norwegian Sage. Be sure to join them for a guided Forest Therapy walk! They are more than ready to embark on their 4 months journey of practise, to earn their certificate!

«A Certified Eco Forest Therapy Guide by SNFTI has an extensive training, based on a set of models informed by science, psychology, ecosophy, meditation and professional experience. At the centre we find the psychological process of the guided Forest Bathing experience; an overview of passages, leading up to nature connectedness, nature relationship and integration. It is through a deepened relationship with nature where the ecological experience may awaken; a sort of ‘greening of the self’. also known as “naturværen’, or ‘naturbevissthet’ (nor. translation).

This way of spending time in the natural world opens a variety of possibilities; stress reduction and recovery, general well-being, increased empathy, compassion and a desire to protect and preserve nature. Other significant experiences is found in the existential dimension; sense of coherence, meaning and deepened connection, within and without. Eco Forest Therapy is thus a model that offers a variety of experiences in several dimensions, all of which can be considered important for the development of a reciprocal health, a restored life balance and general wellbeing.»