Congratulations! Let’s celebrate our new group of amazing Forest Bathing Guides as they walk through the 2:ond portal and into Module 3 of the training as Forest Bathing Guides!

We started out in May with Module 1; 2 days of online theory and methodology. Then entered June and our Module 2, the 7 day training retreat and nature immersion. We are now entering Module 3; 4 months of mentored nature immersion and Forest Bathing skills training.

It is an honour, privilige and joy to walk beside you! Dare to listen and be guided by the land, natures invitations and your own, embodied nature relatedness! Explore, immerse and allow your own art of guiding to unfold! After all, as guides we are simply voicing what nature already and always invites us to experience; to slow down and ’be’, nature with nature, in a natural and co-arising peace.


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