“This training has enriched my life and provided me with new insights into the nourishing power of the forest. As a guide I am now able to offer participants the potential of finding the very being in Nature, a journey that is beyond words. The possibilities of this training, with amazing and inspiring leaders, of finding forest friends and like minded colleagues, is a true blessing. I wish this experience for many more and recommends it warmly”

Lina Morén, Digital Project Coordinator, Stockholm

” I trained as a Certified Forest Bathing Guide with the Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy in May-September of 2021, and was redeemed. I have always considered myself to be a “nature person” but the training opened up a whole new world to me. You learn ways to listen to and give voice to the invitation of nature, a true gift for me as well as others. The training is very sincere. You are offered a safe journey, with equal amounts of support and challenges to evolve as a confident guide. The group of guides you get to know, becomes close friends for life, a true bonus to everything else”

Susanne Gräsberg, Nittorp

” I can truly recommend the Certified Forest Bathing Guide training. It holds a very high quality and is founded on evidence; the methodology, the structure of the training and the effect and results we recognize in our guided participants. My conclusion is that the whole concept is built on quality and proffessionality. The leadership team are people with experience and knowledge, particularily selected to maintain the highest standard. Together they provide competency, safety, sensitivity, responsivity and personal engagement. The training is characterized by a nice, friendly group dynamic, offering new, like minded friends for life. With them you can share the urgent need of a wider reconnection to nature. The practise period offers an immersion with full support from your supervisor/mentor. This is an important time where you walk the path towards certification. For you who wish to walk this path I wish you all the very best”.

Catharina Antonsson, consultant och business supervisor, Haninge, Stockholm

”I have trained as both a Certified Forest Bathing- and Forest Therapy Guide, with SNFTI. Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm is highly pedagogical och “at home” as lead trainer and educator. She is an experienced clinician with a firm base in evidence supported interventions and with an intact creativity and curiosity. I can sincerely recommend the trainings offered by Petra and the Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute”.

Maria Moody Källberg, Lic. Psychotherapist, BA Social Science, supervisor, Västerås 

”Sometimes trainings are a “bulls-eye” hit! This was the case with both the Certified Forest Bathing Guide training and the Forest Therapy Guide training with the Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute, and with Petra Ellora as lead trainer. I was looking for new tools in order to provide ways for people to experience the healing potential of nature connection, both physically and mentally. I was introduced to a valuable training content, well founded facts, a good balance between theory and practice, effective supervision och helpful co-participants. The trainings have offered more than I expected. As both a Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy Guide, I am equipped to extend my invitations to a wider group of people and provide a deeper nature connection, to prevent disease and support health”.

Marie Rosén, PT, coach och medical trainer, Sollentuna, Stockholm

”The complete training to become a Certified Forest Bathing Guide is very sincere and deeply rewarding. It is a structured, pedagogical, and creative training period, firmly based on scientific evidence. That the methodology is so interwoven with the forest is what I love the most. Thank you Petra and the SNFTI-team!

Ingela Olsson, Alingsås

”The 4 month long Guide Training, provided by Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute, was very sincere, with a cutting edge and culturally adapted methodology, firmly based in science. SNFTI certifies Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy Guides and has become a nature based hub for proffessional guides in Sweden. The Institute secures a high educational standard at an international level. To my own background as a Phd in Biology, a scientist, Nature adventurer and a Wilderness Guide, the training provides a solid and interesting addition to my experience and business offerings”.

Hansi Gelter, Guide Natura, Piteå

”An absolutely marvellous training! I have received such exceptional knowledge, inspiration and cultivation, for my own personal life as well as professionally. Not the least, a practical, hands-on and very efficient method for both Forest Bathing guiding and Forest Therapy Guiding. With both methodologies I find it even more joyous, expanding and rewarding to guide others. The personal engagement of the lead trainer Petra Ellora, her experience and knowledge as a guide and mentor is truly amazing. From every aspects, I can very much recommend the trainings. ”.

Jenny Abdelkader, media artist and author, Pajala

”The training as a Certified Forest Bathing Guide by SNFTI has indeed opened the doors to my ability to be in presence with the forest. It has offered me a completely new relationship, a novel way of relating and spending time with nature. I have always enjoyed nature connection but somehow felt an ongoing frustration, as if I knew there was “something more” that I didn´t get to. But now, with the training, and the methodology of SNFTI, I feel so content and at ease. I can enjoy, invite and receive perspectives, let go of musts and shoulds – settle and rest in myself, in a sense of belonging. And – I am able to guide others to experiences they usually describe as calm, safety, a sense of freedom and a social coherence. Petra Ellora as a teacher is very competent and also passionate about sharing all aspects of Forest Bathing; of being and guiding.I can warmly recommend the trainings and Petra as lead trainer”.

Susanne Bävertoft, stress prevention-and relaxation coach and teacher, Stockholm

”These trainings are so much more than a chance to become an inspiring Forest Bathing- and Forest Therapy guide and expert. It is an inner journey, a door-opener to a world full of potential and promises, a new way of living your life, one of humility for the gift of life itself. I am very proud to be certified by SNFTI. To my mind, this training is one of the very few with such a thought through, and scientifically informed, nature connection methodology and supervised guidance. Without a doubt, one of the best investments I have ever made in my life!

Lotta Ihse, Yoga och Meditation teacher, Lund

”The trainings I have received by SNFTI, as a Certified Forest Bathing- and Forest Therapy Guide, have offered me a solid, scientific base and a clear methodology for guidning others to a deep Nature connection and relation. The trainings have included both theoretical and practical modules, as well as an emphases on my own deepened nature connection, as a highly vital part of my “expertise”. The very personal support and supervision during the practise period has been absolutely golden. I have truly been able to explore and develop my art of guiding. I am very grateful and offer my warmest recommendations!”

Kristina Olsson, Ba Social Science, councelor and coach, Malmö