Gift for the Earth

Moving from Harm to Harmony

We invite you to join us in taking less from the planet, to return a gift to the Earth.

Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute will offer something back to Earth after every guided walk, training and facilitated nature activity in a natural surrounding. This way, everyone of you, participating in our events, will be placing an investment as a gift to the Earth. Thank You!

Returning Gratitude

At the end of our Certified Forest Bathing Guide retreats, the Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute plants a tree.

Together we offer our gratitude to the land and the gifts we have received.

All participants gather around the tree to silently express gratitude and send offerings to the forest, through the “Wood Wide Web”.

We extend a special thank you to Peter Elmberg, at Mundekulla Eco Retreat Center, for serving the land in such inspiring ways, for choosing the tree and help us with planting it.