Welcome to our trainings as

Certified Forest Bathing & Forest Therapy Guide!

The Certified Forest Bathing Guide training focuses on 3 areas:
🍃Science based theory & methodology
🍃4 dimensions of guide knowledge and practical skills
🍃Personal practice in Naturvaro®️ and relationship with nature

The training provides an integrated platform for guided forest bathing which is:
🍃Safe & supportive
🍃 Nature-informed
🍃 Well planned
🍃 Process aware
🍃Evidence- and experience-based

Certified Forest Therapy Guide & Eco Forest Therapy II

Welcome to our continuing training for the Certified Forest Therapy Guide! 🍃
Many times a guide connects with people and groups in need of particular methodological adaptations and personal support in order to participate on a Forest Bathing experience. This can be du to age, physical obstacles or mental and emotional needs🍃

In order for more people to enjoy the benefits of Forest Bathing, the guide may be greatly supported by a reinforced methodology. Moreover, many times the Forest Bathing guide feels in need of developing the art of guiding more flexibly and in a personal direction, allowing it to ”grow wings”🍃

The training as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide offers you an additional methodology, ”Eco Forest Therapy II”. It is a professional continuation education for you who has already earned a a Certified Forest Bathing Guide certificate (by SNFTI or another equivalent programme)🍃

You do not need to have your own clinical training. It is part of the methodology to clarify your expertise as well as the boundaries that apply to a guide and in the cooperation with licensed health care professionals🍃

Most welcome to find out more and sign up for a training. Connect with us through email: contact@snfti.com 🍃

or read more by following the link to the website: https://www.scandinaviannatureandforesttherapyinstitute.com/utbtyp/certifierande-utbildningar/

Most welcome! We look forward to hearing from you! 🍃

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