Conference on Nature and Mental Health in Norway

Outdoor Therapies and Mental Health is a growing field in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries. On May 7-9 we had three very wonderful and intense conference days at Bragdoya, an amazing and beautiful Island in the South of Norway. The cross cultural sharing and exchange is an important, truly fun, creative and interesting part of the process to bringing people of all ages and walks of life into Nature. Shinrin-Yoku Sweden and Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm was offered to introduce Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy to the field, through a 3 hour walk and an academic presentation. It turns out we all share so many similar and different aspects of the outdoor experience. And by joining our paths, we can truly build a wider perspective and deeper knowledge to all of our work. Thank you Norway! And thank you Leif Roar Kalleberg at Energiverket for organizing such an important and great event with your colleagues! And to the Nordic Outdoor Network for channeling all the energy into our common work in progress in our Nordic countries.

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