Organisation & Institution

Modern science provides a very helpful understanding on the beneficial connection between Nature and Human health. These studies show a number of opportunities for companies, organizations and institutions to operate and make initiated decisions.

The institute offer Nature Based Services for an increased knowledge and integration of Eco System Services and “green thinking in society; Health Care, Education and Science:

  • Health Care: Integration of Nature Based Interventions in Private and Public Health Care; manualised programmes for stress reduction and health development
  • Education: Integration of Nature Based Interventions in Education: Schools, Universities and other educational services for health enhancement, increased nature connection and ecological awareness
  • Providing Professional Nature Connection Trainings, workshops and events
  • Science: Providing Forest Bathing/Therapy, manualised programmes and academic knowledge as a bases for scientific studies
  • Nature-based Services as support for an internal and external health and recilience
  • Nature-Based Services for personal and group decision making, wellness, team building and sustainability


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