Certified Forest Bathing Guide – Advanced Level II

Skills and Applications for special needs

earlier called: Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training

“Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky”

Kahlil Gibran

Covid-19 Information

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Our experience at present is that group training is possible when we offer good conditions for following national guidelines and take personal respnsibility, caring about ourselves, eachother and the current situation.


The Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute and Shinrin-Yoku Sweden welcome you to an advanced training in Forest Bathing guiding skills and applications for special needs. It is a CPD (Continous Professional Development) training for those who wish to build on to the expertise as a Certified Forest Bathing Guide. The programme offers professional skills development, a basis for how you think, prepare, guide and apply Forest Bathing as an evidence-based method for individuals and groups with special needs.

The name of this training has recently changed, from Certified Forest Therapy Guide to “Certified Forest Bathing Guide – Advanced Level II”. * The guide training per se and the expertise development however, remain the same as before; a particular theoretical and methodological development, based on psychology, salutogenic interventions and health supporting guidelines. The purpose of the guide training and skills development is to make Forest Bathing and Nature Connection accessible also to those with more extensive health care challenges.

* This change of name is due to a particular process around the word “therapy” in the Scandinavian context, most often associated with clinical treatment and expertise. As the SNFTI wishes to offer this training to Certified Forest Bathing Guides from all walks of life, it is our firm belief that the new name contributes to a more accurate understanding of the guide expertise. It may also enhance the transparency for those seeking health support, protect the guide from unintentional clinical responsibility and better support the implementation of Forest Bathing as an additional module to Clinical Health Care interventions.


This training program offers a 3 day training and educational retreat programme and a subsequent two month training period with mentored supervision.

Training August 9-12, 2021

Prerequisites: Certified Forest Bathing Guide (or Forest Therapy Guide according to another, equivalent, international training provider)
Training: 3 days intensive retreat training + 2 months supervised internship + Certification process
Price: SEK 9 800 Registration fee: SEK 2,500
Location: Skeppsudden, Sweden
Date: Retreat Days: August 9-12, 2021
Practise period+ supervision: August 16 – October 16

Certification process


Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm
lead trainer