Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training

People say walking on water is a miracle, but to me walking peacefully on earth is the real miracle

Thic Nhat Hahn


Most welcome to a nature immersion retreat and professional guide training in Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy.

The training is suitable for you who wish a personal nature immersion and develop an expertise in the Art of Guiding others, according to a scientifically supported guiding method, a special skills programme and a theoretical and experience based learning.


The Certified Forest Bathing Guide training programme begins with a week’s intensive training retreat. It provides you with a a broad theoretical and methodological foundation in combination with an extensive, practical and experience-based learning in nature. The week is followed by a 4 month long manualised, mentored practise period. Your practise period is supervised by your personal mentor and managed through air communication. The training and practise ends with a certification process.

The practise period focuses on deepening your nature experience, the underpinning theory and methodology. You do so through your own nature connection practises, skills practise and by leading guided Forest Bathing walks. The process is supported and guided by an exclusive manual, through personal supervision and a series of assignments. This training is offered in Swedish. Some trainings may be offered in English, if so required.

Every guide needs to aquire a course in First Aid / CPR (cardiovascular rescue) as a a requirement for certification. This course is booked and payd by each participant and is not included in the training fee. After completion, the course certificate is presented/sent to the personal mentor before certification. In Sweden you have the posiibility to attend classes free of charge in some locations (Red Cross). For those who plan to guide in nature areas further away from community-based health care institutions, a First Aid training, adapted to wilderness, is strongly recommended.

Certified Forest Therapy Guide

If you wish to proceed after this training, and take the training to earn the Forest Therapy Guide certification, you can choose to register for both courses at the same time. This will offer you a reduced fee, please see below.

For training on Certified Forest Therapy Guide, read more HERE.

Training 1, July 27-August 3, 2020

This training is Fully Booked!

The training: 8 days intense residential retreat training + 4 months monitored and supervised practise period – followed by Certification

  • Training week :  May 1-8, 2020 followed by a 4 month supervised Practise period
  • Time: Start 16.30 (arrival 15.30-16.00), End August 21 13.00
  • Location: Mundekulla Retreat Farm
  • Food and Accomodation: is booked and payed for separately. Please fill in the form for food and lodging directly to Mundekulla Eco Retreat Center by clicking on this link: Mundekulla Reservation
  • Training Fee: 20 800 kr’
  • Food and Accomodation: please see the different options available for you

Training 2, August 14-21, 2020

This training is Fully Booked!


The training: 8 days intense residential retreat training + 4 months monitored and supervised practise period – followed by Certification

  • Training week :  August 14-21, 2020, followed by a 4 month supervised Practise period
  • Time: Start 16.30 (arrival 15.30-16.00), End August 20 13.00
  • Location: Ösjönäs, Tiveden
  • Food and Accomodation: is booked separately
  • Training Fee: 20 800 kr


Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm is the founder and operations manager of the Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute, “Shinrin-Yoku Sweden”. Petra works as a Certified Psychologist, as a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, trainer and supervisor and as a trained mindfulness leader in MBSR and MBCT according to the Center for Mindfulness, USA. She is a strong advocate for the development of Forest Bath and Forest Therapy as a method and for a scientific evaluation and integration into health care. What has greatly influenced Petra’s work is the nature connection that has followed her through life, the background in the performing and visual arts and the many years dedicated in recidency retreat at a Zen Buddhist temple. As a psychologist, she has chosen to focus specifically on stress-related disorders, neuropsychiatry, mindfulness-based interventions and method development. Petra has taught nationally and internationally and presented her work at a number of events and conferences, most recently at the World Conference for “Forests for Public Health” in Athens, 2019.

Peter Amling, MA in Science, Business and Economics, works in Business Economy with leadership and organization, is a Certified Change Manager (ADKAR) and a licensed Mindfulness instructor at “Mindfulnessgruppen” / “Minds Unlimited”. He grew up in the countryside and nature was his playground. The need for nature connection and to find out how things in nature are interconnected, have therefore always fascinated. Discovering something called Forest Bathing, therefore was a bit like “coming home”. Peter is motivated by seeing people prosper, partly as a consultant in change management and business development, and partly by leading mindfulness courses, meditations and retreats, and Forest bathing walks. Peter is a trained and Certified Forest Bathing Guide and on the way to earn a certification as a Forest Therapy Guide through Scandinavian Nature and Forest Therapy Institute.

Jenny Abdelkader är certifierad skogsbadsguide och kulturarbetare. Hon arbetar flerkonstnärligt med text, berättande, dans och performance, ofta i naturen med platsen som en del av upplevelsen. Hennes arbete utgår ifrån ett miljöengagemang. I sin bakgrund har hon en utbildning på ekologisk jordbruksskola och arbete inom lantbruk. Nu har hon tagit upp den tråden och är projektledare för Tärendö Tillsammansodling för att inspirera till närmare mat. De senaste åren har Jennys fokus alltmer inriktat sig på att leda må-bra-aktiviteter som inspirerar till medveten närvaro och välmående på olika sätt, såsom fri dans, kroppsmedvetenhet och skogsbad. Hon vidareutbildar sig nu till Natur- och Skogsterapiguide vid Scandinavian Nature and Forest Thearpy Institute. Läs mer om Jenny på www.duochnaturen.se


Please note that you register in 4 steps:

1) Book training
Book your education by sending an email to contact@snfti.com

2) Fill in the application form that you receive in an e-mail after you have booked your education

3) Pay the registration fee to: Shinrin-Yoku Sweden, Plusgiro: 89 49 60-4

Registration fee:
Certified Forest Bath Guide: SEK 5,000

Discount upon registration:
Early Bird: Certified Forest Bathing Guide:

Training 1: upon registering before March 15, 2020: discount SEK 1,500
(Pay a total of SEK 19,300)

Training 2: upon registering before April 15, 2020: doscount SEK 1,500

Quantity discount: Certified Forest Bathing Guide and Certified Forest Therapy Guide: upon registering for both trainings before March15 repectively April 15, a 10% discount for both trainings is received, ie SEK 3,060.
(Total payment: SEK 27,540)

NOTE! The discounts apply individually but not together.

The remaining training fee is paid no later than 60 days before the training starts, no later than March 1, 2020. If no payment is made, and in the case of a eaiting list, your spot may need to be opened for other participants.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation later than 60 days before training starts, no refund is offered.
In the case of serious health problems, reimbursement is offered at 50% with a sick leave certificate.

The application and payment of registration fee, reserves a spot at the training. Cancellation within one week of paid registration, offers a full refund of the registration fee with a deduction of SEK 500 for administrative costs. Cancellations later than one week after registration and before 60 days before training, offer a 50% refund with deductions of SEK 500 for administrative costs.

4) Book your accomodation

Mundekulla Retreatcenter

To book Food and Accomodation for the Training May 1-8 at Mundekulla Eco Retreat Farm, please follow this link: Mundekulla Reservation

For travel instructions, please follow this link: Travel Mundekulla

Ösjönäs Wilderness Farm

To book Food and Accomodation for the Training August 14-20 at Ösjönäs Wilderness Farm, please follow this link: Ösjönäs reservation

For travel instructions, please follow this link: Travel Ösjönäs